Poisoned Petfood, Pet Valuation, and Global Food Safety

The following is an article written and published by Dr Ian Robertson which highlights problems associated with the recent contamination of petfood products:


In the United States, sales of dog and cat food reached over $14.3 billion in 2005, according to the Pet Food Institute that represents manufacturers of commercial pet food.

In mid March, concerns that pet food had been contaminated and was leading to kidney failure in pets, prompted a continent-wide recall,...more >>

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Report on the Animal Law Conference at Harvard (Mar-Apr 2007)

Remember When You Thought You Could Change the World? You Still Can.� That was the theme of a conference sponsored by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and hosted by the prestigious Harvard Law School at the beginning of April 2007.

There were approximately 400 attendees who included lawyers, professors, doctors, veterinarians, CEO�s and students considering cutting edge approaches to issues of animal protection.

Dr Bernard Rollin, Bruce Wagman, Professor David Favre, Paul Waldau, Chris Green and Adam Karp were among the list of...more >>

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6 Starting Points

Focus on the veterinary profession: 6 Starting Points for those considering the role of the veterinarian in the issue of animal abuse.

There has been a substantial amount of material posted on IAL regarding the link between animal abuse and domestic violence. Accompanying this material there has been attention drawn to the role of the professional veterinarian, in addressing this issue.

With the advent of animal law, it is arguable that there is going to be greater transparency and accountability required of the veterinary profession.

Listed below are 6 samples of...more >>

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Oxford conference on animal abuse and domestic violence

The following article regarding Dr Robertson's presentation at Oxford regarding a mandatory duty to report suspected animal abuse was published in The Veterinary Record.

SHOULD it be mandatory for veterinary surgeons to report suspicions of animal abuse to the authorities? This was one of the questions to arise from a one-day conference on the relationship between animal abuse and human violence, held in Oxford in September. According to Dr Ian Robertson, an animal law expert at the University of Leeds, making the reporting of animal abuse mandatory would remove any moral dilemmas...more >>

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Battered Pets and People ... The Link

The following article was originally published in O, The Oprah Magazine (June 2008) ran an article written by Barry Yeoman concerning a case of a battered pet.

The article started by asking questions: Who would suspect that a family’s animals could be pawns in domestic violence? Or that their sad condition might tip off investigators to women in trouble? ... the reality is that an increasing number of people and organisations are recognising the link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

The Case of the Battered Pet

Who would suspect that a family’s...more >>

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Prof. Bernard E. Rollin on Mandatory Reporting of Animal Cruelty

Bernard E. Rollin is a philosopher widely recognized for his approach to animal rights, as well as his influence in politics. At Colorado State University, he holds the position of University Distinguished Professor. He is, in fact, a Professor of Philosophy, Animal Sciences and Biomedical Sciences, and a Bioethicist

In the piece below, Professor Rollin comments on the issue of Mandatory Reporting of Animal Cruelty

For much of the twentieth century, veterinary medical ethics, like human medical ethics, legal ethics, and indeed the ethical codes of all professions, were more...more >>

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The Veterinarian's role in Domestic Violence

What's a veterinarian got to do with domestic violence? "A lot" according to an increasing number of veterinary bodies who are making it mandatory for veterinarians to report cases of suspected animal abuse.

Research from Monash University (Australia) entitled “The Relationship between Family Violence and Animal Abuse: An Australian Study” supports the view that there's a link between domestic violence and animal abuse. The research is due to be published later in 2008. (1)

Researchers interviewed 102 women with a history of family violence, recruited...more >>

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"Animal abuse is potentially the tip of a much bigger ice berg"

The following is an excerpt from a report produced by Dr Robertson regarding the conference held in the UK on "The Relationship between Animal Abuse and Human Violence":

During the last 30 years, evidence has been accumulating of a link between animal abuse and violence to humans, or anti-social behavior. The conference held in Oxford, England recently was introduced as Britain�s first major academic conference on the subject of the relationship between animal abuse and human violence. The conference was intended to document and explore the meaning of...more >>

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Lawyers, Veterinarians, Human Violence & Animal Abuse

While legal issues concerning animals have traditionally been dealt with under various headings, Animal Law is a rapidly developing separate discipline within law which brings legal issues regarding animals into one coherent whole.

Because the law classifies animals as property, many lawyers believe they can deal with animal legal issues like any other property, but the existence of Animal Welfare Acts in New Zealand, England, and Scotland, for example, make it a criminal offence not just for blatant acts of cruelty to animals, but also to fail to provide animals with legislatively...more >>

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