Farmer jailed for two years and one month

On 7 February 2013, the New Zealand High Court sentenced a 40-year-old farmer by the name of Lourens Barend Erasmus, to two years and one month in jail. Erasmus was charged with severe animal cruelty, having broken 115 of his cows’ tails ( many of them demonstrating multiple breaks) and hitting them with steel pipes and milking cups. During the farm inspection conducted by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, investigators found cows with broken jaws, broken limbs, open wounds and infections. 25 cows were euthanised on humane grounds.

Rasmussen was originally sentenced in 2012 I the District Court to 10 months of home detention. However, the case was appealed to the High Court by the Ministry of Primary Industries, who described the offences as one of the worst animal cruelty incidents ever seen by the Ministry.

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