International Animal-Law Newsletter August 2012

In the International Animal Law (IAL) update there is a brief summary of some of the news items posted on IAL within the last few months

There are a number of recent articles that you’ll find interesting on International Animal Law concerning animal welfare developments and work from around the world, including: 
Of course, there are a host of other articles which are likely to be of interest to you as well, and you can browse those at your leisure by visiting the International Animal Law website.
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English Inspectors, Managers, and other Local Authority Officers have an opportunity to attend one of the most in-depth and practical courses available on animal welfare in the United Kingdom.
"The 3 P's of animal investigations: Powers, Planning, and Prosecution" seminar provides essential understanding of the powers and responsibilities of Inspectors under the Animal Welfare Act 2006; and provides an invaluable checklist of what it takes to run a legally competent and cost-saving animal welfare investigation.
The seminar is being hosted by St Helens Council (UK) on 17-18 September 2012. Register by contacting Helen Williams or phone +44 (0)1744 676372.
As always, please do "stay in touch", and of course, you are always welcome to forward your animal welfare news and views to International Animal Law for inclusion on the IAL website.
Ian Robertson
Barrister and Solicitor, Veterinarian
Director, International Animal Law
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