Register Now for September 2012 “3 P’s” Seminar (Local Authority Officers , England and Wales)

Registrations to the September 2012 seminar titled "The 3 P's of animal investigations: Powers, Planning, and Prosecution" are now open.

Inspectors, Managers, and other Officers are invited to this two-day seminar hosted by St Helens Council which provides attendees with an in-depth understanding of the powers and responsibilities of Inspectors under the Animal Welfare Act 2006; and an insightful look at what it takes to run a good animal welfare investigation, with a view conducting to a successful prosecution.

The seminar is very applicable because the information is provided by two presenters who are both dedicated animal welfare prosecutors. Numbers are limited to ensure each attendee receives individualised attention from the presenters and the opportunity for discussion so each attendee can tailor their seminar experience to suit their individual needs.

“One of the best training courses I’ve attended in 15 years of Animal Health work”
Gill McGregor, City of York Council

Registration can be made by contacting:

Diane Foreman
Principal Environmental Health Officer
St Helens Council
Telephone: 01744 676236


Day 1

  • Overview of the Animal Welfare Act 2006: Putting the legal role, powers and obligations of Local Authorities/Inspectors in context with a “big picture” overview of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • Powers of Inspectors (sections 18-31) because administration and enforcement officers must be clear about what they can and can not do, under the Act. It is vitally important that Inspectors apply their powers in a procedurally correct manner because , for example, a lack of clarity about how to correctly seize an animal has resulted in substantial additional costs for Local Authorties in the past.
  • Post conviction (sections 32-45) because, as with many Animal Welfare Act obligations, the involvement of officers does not end simply with a conviction.

Day 2

  • Defining an investigation: Assessing what defines the elements, and criteria of, a criminal investigation.
  • Foundational law: The legal ground rules and standards that are foundational to an investigation.
  • Investigation plan: Reviews the five investigation steps which form the foundation to efficiently starting a case with a view to prosecution.
  • Procedure, Recording, and Enforcement: Addresses the requirements for drafting statements, as well as attention to potential problems and common oversights.
  • Presenting evidence: Includes attention to types of evidence including the use of film evidence.
  • The Power of the Debrief: How to effectively post-mortem an investigation/prosecution.


The Seminar will provide each attendee with:

  • 7 hours (on each of the TWO days) of practical insights from two presenters who are experts in the prosecution of animal welfare cases
  • Individual discussion and consideration of each participants queries
  • Morning and afternoon teas on each day of the seminar
  • Lunch is provided on each day of the seminar
  • Writing pens and paper
  • Reference booklets and charts relevant to seminar contents

For further information about the presenters and the specific topics being covered, take a moment to have a look at

“If Local Authority Managers, Officers, and Inspectors had only one seminar that each attendee could attend as part of their professional development in 2012, then this would be it”.


Oversights or mistakes in the animal welfare investigation commonly have a direct impact on the costs of the investigation, the likelihood of success of any subsequent prosecution, and the investigators reputation. With this in mind, the seminar presenters point out what is procedurally expected of Investigators, and highlight the “common pitfalls”.   

Consequently this seminar training will be enormously beneficial to all local authority officers who undertake investigations into animal welfare issues and/or are involved in enforcement action. 

  • Local Authority appointed Inspectors
  • Lawyers and other legal representatives
  • Appointed Animal Welfare Inspectors
  • Animal welfare Managers and Officers
  • Dog Wardens and Rangers
  • Licensing managers and officers
  • Environmental Managers and Officers
  • Local Authority Veterinarians
  • Pest Control Managers and Officers

Duration:        TWO-days (not just one)
Host:             St Helens Council
Dates:            17th -18th September 2012
Location:        St Helens Town Hall.

Places at past seminars provided by Animal Law Professional Development have been sought after because the seminars have a reputation for providing real value and practical benefit. Attendees routinely report that the seminars are informative and practical. Just as importantly, attendees also confirm that the seminars are unique because of the engaging style and interaction of the presenters between themselves and the attendees. 

 “Extremely well delivered and one of the best courses I have been on. Relevant, informative and interesting which, considering the amount of legislation being discussed, is even more impressive.”
Kate Fitzsimons, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


The cost of this TWO-day seminar, complete with all the items just listed, is £490 per person - compare that with the cost and practical value of other animal welfare courses and the likelihood is that you’ll agree that this course represents “money well spent”.

 “All content of the course was very in-depth and most useful. Better than any other Animal Welfare Act course. Money well spent”
Anthony Hoggins, Newcastle City Council


Those who would like to attend should immediately contact:

Diane Foreman
Principal Environmental Health Officer
St Helens Council
Telephone: 01744 676236