Applied Principles of Immunology in Companion Animal Vaccination

Radical change has arrived in the implementation of companion animal vaccination strategies. Accompanying these changes is the adoption of evidenced-based veterinary medicine practices (FBVM), new vaccine technologies, and major advances in our understanding of immunology. In veterinary immunology, we have moved to an enlightened view of how we prudently use the immune system in companion animals. We have become more discerning in opting for vaccines that elicit the most appropriate, reliable and enduring immune response against disease with the least physiological cost and risk to the animal patient. We consider how immunity is measured and correlated to reliable protection with the added caution that we interpret data relying on EBVM and sound principles of immunology. Finally, we discuss how industry and veterinarians will need to ensure competent, ethical stewardship to make sound decisions in the clinic setting by establishing reliable surveillance databases and keeping up with the rapid advancements in clinical immunology and vaccine technology.

By Kent W Deitemeyer

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