Continuous Education: Lifelong Learning for Judgement and Knowledge

The following presentation was kindly provided by Prof Stephan May of the Royal Veterinary College, University of London. The presentation was presented at the OIE conference held in Paris, France on 12th - 14th October 2009

Prof Stephan May - Abstract of Presentation
Veterinarians have an important role to play both in the development of a collective vision for a sustainable and all-inclusive world ecosystem and the delivery of important elements within any such plan, including the place of animals (domestic and wild), food production and safety, and public and animal health. 

Important to their role is the need to be up-to-date, well-informed and capable of making good judgements at all levels, from the level of society to the level of individual animals. This highlights the need for an appropriate mix of core knowledge, information-sourcing skills, discriminatory and decision-making capabilities.

In order to proactively recognise the needs of society, professionals must engage in continuing education. The two key skills, judgement and the ability to engage in lifelong learning, must be nurtured during the undergraduate phase and beyond, through courses which, as well as updating him/her, continue to enhance the professional’s higher order skills.

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OIE Conference - Evolving veterinary education for a safer world

The conference addressed questions of "Evolving veterinary education for a safer world".  In a rapidly changing world, veterinary education must face new challenges and continually evolve to meet societal demands in the field of prevention and control of diseases food security, food safety, public health and animal welfare. Appropriate education and training have a direct effect on the quality and performance of public and private components of Veterinary Services; therefore, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is considering the issue of initial and continuous veterinary education as part of its commitment to encouraging its Members to strengthen the animal health policies and activities of their national Veterinary Services. Well-educated public and private veterinarians who have received appropriate training will help the OIE to fulfil its global mission: improve animal health worldwide. For further information about the conference click here>>