Another virus - Avian Flu (again)

Chances are there are very few people on the planet that don't know more about viruses today than they did a couple of years ago.
But this news isn't about COVID. This is another virus that poses a threat to people because it's a zoonosis.
The UK's chief veterinary officer has told the BBC there is a "phenomenal level" of avian flu in the UK.
Tens of thousands of farmed birds have already been culled, as the " largest number of premises ever" in an avian influenza outbreak are infected.
Officials say the risk to human health is low - there is no link to the Covid-19 pandemic - but infected birds should not be touched.
"It has huge human, animal, and trade implications," the chief vet said - proving again that there's an inseparable relationship between animal, people, and our shared planet.