No Animal Left Behind

Eurogroup for Animals has stated they have until September to persuade the European Commission to undertake a complete review of ALL legislation that affects farmed animals in Europe.

Eurogroup for Animals is running an event promoting that it "will launch a report with a compilation of evidence of the unfitness of the current animal welfare legislation, using the 5 domains model as a way of analysing it. We will also highlight commercially viable production systems, demonstrating that a solid and deep revision of the EU legislation to higher animal welfare standards is an achievable, realistic and viable move".
Consistent with the objectives of the Sentient Animal Law Foundation, Eurogroup states: "Farmed animal welfare laws must do more than protect every animal from neglect and cruelty, and minimise their suffering; they should actively promote a positive state of health and wellbeing".
The Sentient Animal Law Foundation knows the legislative wording that would make that happen. (