Australian farm: 50,000 crocodiles for luxury Hermès goods

A croc farm has been designed to supply skins to make handbags and shoes would be one of the biggest in Australia under plan approved by Australia's Northern Territory government. The venture has attracted the attention of animal welfare groups.

The high-end French fashion brand Hermès wants to build one of Australia’s biggest crocodile farms in the Northern Territory that would hold up to 50,000 saltwater crocodiles to be turned into luxury goods such as handbags and shoes.
But the proposal has come under fire from animal welfare groups, who say other fashion brands have moved away from using exotic animal skins on cruelty grounds and that  farming animals for luxury goods was “no longer fashionable.”
Animal protection law is fundamentally designed to protect animals from suffering pain or distress that's assessed as unnecessary.  So what is it about the practice of farming for skin, meat, or other animal body parts, that upsets people?