What do animals "think" and "feel"?

Do animals "think" and "feel"? Yes? No?

Have a look at the TED talk in the link shown below (https://youtu.be/-wkdH_wluhw) and see if it affects your answer. When you've listened to it perhaps you could ask yourself this question: "Is the model of animal protection law that's been in place for 200 years, which essentially protects animals from unnecessary suffering, fit for today's global-size risks, issues and purposes"?
Law can be seen as society's rulebook. It's a reflection of what society considers acceptable or unacceptable. Society, of course, is collective of individual opinions so, when considered broadly, the law theoretically reflects your opinion.
International Animal Law ("IAL") says that the current law is not keeping up with what society considers to be "good practice", nor is it keeping up with contemporary "scientific knowledge" of the Five Domains. Given the inseparable relationship between animals and people, that means animals and people are running the risks, and paying the price, of working with an outdated rulebook.
So what's needed to bring animal law up to speed?
IAL advocates for a legal reform that extends the current duty of care beyond simply protecting animals from unnecessary negative states ("suffering") by adding a responsibility on the human caregiver to provide animals with opportunities for positive life experiences (e.g. comfort, interest, pleasure) as well.
At first blush, it may seem like the legal reform can't be done or it's too expensive. But take another look and you'll recognise that there are already people who already do more for animals that the basic minimums of protecting them from unnecessary suffering. It's just that they are currently the minority. IAL aims to assist government, industry, NGOs and other stakeholders in making today's minority, tomorrow's majority. The legal reform would update the law so that today's standards of "best practice" become tomorrow's norm. 
If you agree with what the concepts put forward by the presenter of this TED talk, and if you're a person who believes that it's time for law to give animals and people a life enjoyed not just endured, then join us on Facebook. 
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