UK animal law - Can you spot the differences?

There are a lot of good articles and published papers on animal law and relevant issues.
This article is one of those "stand out" ones because it serves as a very useful summary of existing law in the UK.
It also raises some points for your consideration as you do a "contrast and compare" of the English Animal Welfare Act 2006 ("AWA") with other international jurisdictions. For example:
1. Can you recognise the similarities AND distinctions between the English AWA and animal welfare legislation in other jurisdictions? For example, have a look at section 4 of the AWA - can you identify "common" animal-related legal issues that would be provided with a sound defence under this section?
2. Do you see how the author references the "Five Freedoms" in the English AWA? If you have thoughts come to mind about the "Five Domains" and the fact that the English AWA is arguably "out of date" with scientific knowledge, then we agree with you.
3. Given the debates about animal "sentience", do you recognise where English law exhibits room for growth in taking responsibility not just for the negative states of animals, but also their positive ones?