The 'hypocrisy gap' between ethical sentiment and behaviour in food consumption.

A recent investigation has looked at the 'hypocrisy gap' between ethical sentiment and behaviour in food consumption. 

Australians appear to care about animal welfare: research has found 92 percent of shoppers in Sydney considered animal welfare to be important.
However, when distribution of market share of so-called high-welfare foods in Australia was considered, the results showed a varied picture. Aussie shoppers seem to care far more about free-range eggs than the living conditions of pigs, cows and broilers (meat poultry).
If we care about the welfare of the animals we eat, why don’t we buy foods that come from animals that were treated well? And if we are in the same line-up as the Aussies, the why are we buying eggs that reflect higher welfare but not other animal-based foods?
There's a survey at the link page that you can complete. It asks "Are YOU ethical"?