UK law will specifically recognise animal sentience

Michael Gove has promised to make “any necessary changes” to UK law to recognise that animals can feel pain, after a social media campaign accused Conservative MPs of voting down proposals to accept they are sentient beings.
The environment secretary issued a statement to the House of Commons insisting that it was a misconception to say Tory MPs voted against the idea that animals are sentient and feel pain.
But he clarified that the government was now looking at making UK law specifically recognise animal sentience, following a row over the issue in the EU withdrawal bill.
MPs hog social media as they deny voting animals are not sentient
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“The prime minister has made clear that we will strengthen our animal welfare rules,” he said in in a written statement to MPs. “This government will ensure that any necessary changes required to UK law are made in a rigorous and comprehensive way to ensure animal sentience is recognised after we leave the EU.
“The withdrawal bill is not the right place to address this; however, we are considering the right legislative vehicle.”