Don't miss your OCTOBER 11 and 12 webinars

From the September webinars, you should now be able to:

  1. State what the lawyer sees as the 3 elements of the “sentience” legislative definition; 
  2. Have clarity around the regulator’s perspective on “sentience” and “positive welfare”; and
  3. Have insights as what informs where/how governments and societies “draw the line” on what/who is sentient, and what/who isn't. 

Your OCTOBER webinars will give you insights from the veterinary professionals and industry about  “what changes” with law’s sentient animal

"Treating the sentient animal” A veterinary perspective” (11 October 2017)

Phillip Judge is one of Australia’s leading emergency-care veterinarians. Emergency medicine is unique in terms of the pressures, risks and realities of looking after  people and animals. The requirement to deliver top medical care in an emotively charged environment is accompanied by evolving legal standards relating to issues of animal welfare. Society expects veterinarians to be the animal’s hero - but how does law’s sentient animal affect things at the “emergency front-line”? 

“What changes for animal production industry with the sentient animal”? (12 October 2017)

Lindsay Burton is one of those people you simply must listen to (particularly if you've ever been in one of those debates about the role of industry in animal welfare) because in addition to being a veterinarian and farmer, he is also one of the key people in Fonterra, and a key advisor to government. There are so many misconceptions about the role of industry in animal welfare - so this webinar represents an invaluable opportunity to get facts and realities that will inform your next discussions about industry and sentient animals.


Join us on 11 and 12 October 2017 and be part of the discussion. In just 60 seconds you can secure your place at the webinar . Proceeds go to the registered charity ‘Animal Law Matters” which focuses on progressing the protections of animals and people under relevant law. 

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