FREE WEBINARS! (6 and 13 September 2017): The Sentient Animal: What Changes?

Join us for two exciting FREE webinars, that will discuss what changes now that the law has recognised animals as "sentient”? – presented by leading experts in the field!

Wednesday, September 6 Topic: “How do you want the law to define sentience so that it benefits people and animals?” with Dr lan A. Robertson, Barrister and Animal Law Specialist, Guardianz Lawyers and Consultants 

Wednesday, September 13 Topic: “What changes now that the law has recognised animals as "sentient?" with Dr Kate Littin, Manager Animal Welfare, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

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... AND WE'RE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP IN LETTING OTHERS KNOW ABOUT THESE SEMINARS: The reality is, we don't know everyone who has personal or business interests involving animals - but the law about animals (and this legal change recognising animals as sentient) does affect almost everyone in some way, and it certainly has the potential to benefit the lives of animals. So, please help us to let others know about these FREE seminars by simply copying and pasting this message to your friends, colleagues, and wider social/professional networks. Thanks!