Here’s how law’s sentient animal will change everything - again

Bringing you experts from around the world to show you where animal law is going, and to let you know what this third step in the animal law evolution means for animals, society, and you.

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In the 1820’s, when Member of Parliament Richard Martin championed the idea of introducing laws to protect animals from cruelty, he was criticised, ridiculed and laughed at by fellow MP’s. Following the persistence of early advocates, the first step in the evolution of animal protection laws implemented protection of animals from acts of blatant cruelty. Almost 100 years later the second step implemented wider “prevention rather than simply cure” animal welfare responsibilities.
Each step in the evolution of animal care has had an enormous impact not just on the animals, but on people in terms of their responsibilities when using animals (e.g. entertainment, companionship), the raising and eating of animals (e.g. animal husbandry systems, transportation standards, and effects on food quality and safety). Each evolutionary step reflected what society at the time considered to be acceptable treatment of animals.
It’s been a 200 year journey from no protection, to anticruelty protections, to animal welfare obligations. Now the third monumental step in the evolution of animal protection law is the change that will accompany recognition of animals as having emotions, “experiencers of their own life” – or, in the language of the law, “sentience”.
If you  didn’t already know, there are jurisdictions who’s law categorically states that animals are sentient. And while many people are debating what it means for the law to recognise animals as sentient, there are leaders who have already accepted its inclusion and currently turning their minds to how “the sentient animal” will affect required standards of animal treatment.
The 2017 Guardianz seminar series brings you experts from around the world to show you where animal law is going, and to let you know what law’s sentient-animal will change for you and for the animals – this time.
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