SEMINAR FOR DEFENCE LAWYERS: 15 June 2017 (Melbourne, Australia) "How to run a robust animal law defence"

How to Run a Robust Animal Welfare Defence: What Every Defence Counsel Must Know, ...

....because "there are cases you should not lose - and neither should your client"


Date:               Thursday, 15 June 2017

Time:               9.30am – 4.30pm AEST

Location:         Victoria Law School

                       295 Queen Street, Melbourne, Australia

CPD:                5 units

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This seminar is for defence counsel who have activities, interests, or responsibilities involving animals, animal welfare, and legal standards governing the human animal relationship.

Getting the relevant and persuasive considerations right or wrong could make the difference between a win or lose for you, for your client, and for the animals involved.  This seminar brings you real-life practicalities that are enormously relevant to competently assessing, negotiating, and litigating a matter that involves an animal and its responsible human caregiver.  For example, you will get first-hand insights as to what constitutes “reasonable” in terms of animals and a legal defence, you’ll get introduced to the community and big stakeholders that provide you with information that will be highly relevant to the persuasiveness of your negotiations with opposing counsel and /or the Courts, and through the eyes of ex-prosecutors you’ll learn about the list of mistakes, misunderstandings and common oversights of defence lawyers in animal law cases.

To be clear, applying the rules of “justice” to animal law is not condoning animal cruelty.  Indeed, the seminar shows how to properly apply those rules of justice to the field of animal law in order to elevate standards of animal care, avoid seeing people unnecessarily becoming collateral damage, and make a practical difference to the daily lives of animals.  Those people-and-animal outcomes frequently rely on the understanding, competence, and ability of defence counsel - and that is why there are cases you should not lose.  And neither should your client.

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