Thinking about animal research from a different perspective

The use of animals in research continues to be one of the more contentious subjects for those who have interests involving animals and their welfare.

So how are you defining the word "research"? When you think about "animal research", what comes to mind?
Nature is wonderfully abundant, diverse and mysterious — but biological research today tends to focus on only seven species, including rats, chickens, fruit flies and us. We're studying an astonishingly narrow sliver of life, says biologist Alejandro S├ínchez Alvarado, and hoping it'll be enough to solve the oldest, most challenging problems in science, like cancer. It is strongly recommended that you take just a few moments to look at this visually captivating talk, in which Alvarado calls on people to broaden their thinking regarding the unknown and shows us the remarkable discoveries that surface when we do.
Watching this presentation has the capacity to change the way you think about "research".