About IAL

International Animal-Law© has established international, multidisciplinary networks encompassing experts from education, law, ethics, science, conservation, and other relevant professional disciplines.

International Animal-Law © is an organization committed to improving animal and human welfare by:


1. Specialist Education:

Providing specialist education on the subject of Animals and the Law through courses, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), workshops and conference presentations to government and non-government organizations, industry, professionals, tertiary education providers and special interest groups who have direct, or indirect, dealings involving animals.

The educational services of International Animal-Law© provide attendees with rational perspectives of the issues regarding human-animal interactions, objectively representing the wide variety of stakeholders and interests in animal welfare domestically and internationally.

International Animal-Law© has particular expertise in the areas of:

a. Global Concepts and Governance of animal welfare, and
b. The Role of Professionals in the Human - Animal Relationship, and
c. Animals in Entertainment


2. Expert Opinion:

Providing objective, practical and expert opinion to government and non-government organizations, industry, and others who also have business and/or personal interests that involve animals, particularly in the areas of:

a. Governance and compliance with animal welfare law,
b. The role of the professional in the link between animal abuse and domestic violence, and
c. The use of animals in entertainment.


3. Development of Animal Welfare Legislation, Strategy and Policy:

Supporting those organisations who seek to promote the improvement of animal welfare, International Animal Law© is committed to assisting with the Development of effective Animal Welfare Legislation and Policy, and related legal instruments. 


4. Animal Law Legal Specialty:

Through consultation with organizations and professionals from a range of authorities, International Animal-Law© is actively engaged in advancing the expansion of Animal Law as a recognized Legal Specialty within the general discipline of law.