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Role of the Veterinarian in Public Health

Most veterinarians contribute, directly or indirectly, to public health goals and outcomes. Veterinary public health contributions can be categorized into six core domains.

Most private veterinary practitioners contribute to public health during routine practice. Both large and small animal practitioners become skilled diagnosticians for acute and chronic diseases of animals that may affect the owners and their families and the surrounding communities. Specific examples of public health activities include performing routine health examinations, maintaining...more >>

RSPCA v. Department of Agriculture (Perth, Australia)

THE RSPCA WA has taken legal action against the Department of Agriculture — the latest salvo in an escalating war.
The legal fight is over a dog called Roxy, which the RSPCA flew to Adelaide on 27 July 2016.
But tensions run much deeper and there has been simmering hostility and mistrust between the agency and the charity in recent years.
Lawyers for the RSPCA filed a civil action in the Supreme Court on November 18, seeking a ruling that it was the “prosecuting...more >>

RSPCA Inspectors Get More Power In Victorian Animal Cruelty Crackdown

The Victorian government is beefing up its animal welfare laws in a bid to keep pets safe. Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford said that new laws were now in effect giving government inspectors more power to fine those responsible for mistreating animals.
In a statement, Pulford's office said the recent changes to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) legislation meant Agriculture Victoria officers, Victoria Police and RSPCA Inspectors all now have the authority to issue a notice to anyone committing a cruelty offence.
...more >>

Horse, possum and donkey meat on menu under South Australian food safety changes

Horse, possum, camel and donkey will be available for sale from South Australian butchers from September next year if recommended changes to food safety regulations are adopted.
The SA government, which has to update the regulations by 1 September 2017, has suggested the state should adopt the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards code definition of “game meat”, which governs what wild animals may be sold commercially for human consumption.According to the Humane Society, about 100,000 horses are slaughtered annually in...more >>

Dog re-homing prohibition lifted (New Zealand)

The SPCA has been campaigning against the strengthened breed-specific legislation included in the Government's national action plan for dogs.
The proposed law would have seen animal shelters like as the SPCA banned from rehoming dogs purely based on how they look – which would have led to thousands of healthy dogs being euthanised.
The SPCA's petition against breed-specific legislation and for a change in this proposed law gained almost 60,000 signatures and widespread support from the New Zealand...more >>

The legal and cultural implications of killing a dog for film

[CNN Philippines]  “Oro,” a dog was allegedly gutted onscreen, in a manner that raised questions about the ethical sensibilities of both the audience and the filmmakers themselves. 

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) may file a case against the filmmakers, alleging the killing was a crime under the Animal Welfare Act. The makers of “Oro” released a statement, stating that the production team had no hand in the killing, implying that it was a member of the community — a “tagapatay,” who partakes of...more >>

Law needed to limit Brexit's environmental impact

Brexit poses a huge risk to UK wildlife and habitats and a new environmental law will be needed, MPs have said. Even where EU law is incorporated into the UK's legal framework there could still be problems, they warn.
The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee also says farmers are facing significant threats including loss of income and tariffs on exports.The government says it is committed to safeguarding and improving existing environmental protection.
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Your Money: How to protect your prized pet with a trust

It is a sad story when seniors' pets show up at an animal shelter: they are often abandoned when their owners become infirm or die without insuring that the pets will be taken in by someone else.
Wills and estate plans are hard enough for most people to fathom. Only 67 percent of Americans over 55 have any sort of written testament. Much of the negative association is due to the 2007 lawsuit over real estate tycoon Leona Helmsley's attempt to leave $12 million to her dog. (It was cut to $2 million.)

Kentucky ranked worst state for animal safety for 10th consecutive year

There is a reality that people, states and countries have differing opinions about what constitutes appropriate standards of protection and care of animals.

A comprehensive review of animal safety laws throughout the United States found that Kentucky has the weakest protections in the country — a dubious honor it’s held for a decade.
The Animal Legal Defense Fund released its 11th annual report on animal protection rankings. Illinois topped the list of best protections for the ninth consecutive year, followed by...more >>

The battle between animal welfare activists and cowboys


A petition signed by 63,000 New Zealanders was presented to Parliament in March 2016, which animal rights advocates, which includes Action Against Rodeos, say is reflective of society wanting to see an end to rodeos.
As the saying goes, "there are two sides to every story". Unsurprisingly, public perspectives about what is acceptable regarding the use of animals, is often polarised. You can read the differing opinions on the web page at ...more >>