Animal Law News

Critiquing cat management legislation

Compulsory microchipping and some form of registration for cats has recently become official policy for Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ). Like many issues involving animals, opinion is divided as to the merits of the proposal of cat management legislation. The proposal, put forward by a New Zealand City Council, was passed with just 51% of a vote at an annual meeting of the body that represents local government. 1% is hardly a landslide.

Councils have claimed that they currently have limited powers to enact bylaws, and needed regulatory powers for cat control, including cat...more >>

Regulations for animal welfare (New Zealand)

New Zealand's Animal Welfare Minister Nathan Guy says 46 new animal welfare regulations will be developed in 2017, with the objective of them coming into effect before October 2018. He says the Ministry of Primary Industry will focus on having the regulations ready to be delivered by the end of 2017. The delayed lead-in time will theoretically enable farmers, processors, transporters and others to ensure that their systems are prepared before the new regulations take effect.

“Changes we made to the Animal Welfare Act 1999 in 2015 have allowed us to create directly-...more >>

The "animal law war" over tail docking (New Zealand)

People have polarised perspectives about animals, and standards of animal care. There are plenty of examples to demonstrate that it's always been that way. 200 years ago opinion was divided as to whether there even needed to be a law to govern the treatment of animals. And today opinion continues to be divided on almost every use of animals from their involvement in entertainment (e.g. bullfighting, circuses, zoos), agricultural husbandry systems (e.g. hen cages, treatment of Bobby calves, and farrowing crates for pigs), right through to the latest issue affecting New Zealand dogs and...more >>

New farmer advisory panel for New Zealand Animal Evaluation

New Zealand Animal Evaluation (NZAEL), a subsidiary of DairyNZ, has established a new farmer advisory panel to provide practical, farmer based feedback on animal evaluation research, development, and communication.

The aim of this panel is to create a forum for two-way discussion between farmers, researchers and the NZAEL team, and to assist NZAEL in identifying practical issues that could be implemented as part of the strategy.
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Researchers Have Reorganised an Animal's Brain to Act Like Another Species' Brain

Species that share similar kinds of brain anatomy have been caught using different neural circuits to perform identical behaviours, and it challenges a basic assumption on the relationship between behaviour and neurology.

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Is the curtain falling on America's circus animals?

The curtain is about to fall for the last time on the self-dubbed “Greatest Show on Earth,” America’s biggest and longest-running traveling circus. On Sunday, after 146 years, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will pump its caravan brakes permanently. Other traveling circuses may not be far behind.
Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have joined forces on a bill that would ban the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses and any other entertainment act on wheels. In late March,...more >>

Here are the Best Liars in the Animal Kingdom

The protections afforded to animals through the law are driven by a number of factors. Among the reasons that one species will benefit from greater protections than another, is the degree in which the public can relate to the experience of the animal. The "they are like us" factor. The likeness between people and animals includes not only the ability to experience pain or distress, but also character traits - including the ability to lie.

From sneaky squid to blue jay impressionists, deceit abounds in the animal kingdom.Nature is brutal, and some...more >>

Trump dumps Paris climate deal: reaction

In a speech from the White House Rose Garden, Trump recently made a largely economic case for withdrawing from the agreement, arguing the nonbinding accord was unfair to American workers and U.S. competitiveness (points many economists fiercely dispute). At the same time, Trump said he was open to beginning “negotiations to reenter either the Paris...more >>

Regulatory controls and responsible use of animal medicines

Healthy animals are the first step in producing quality food, however, when it comes to meat, eggs and dairy produce, a recent study has shown that consumers are often unaware of the strict regulatory safeguards associated with animal medicines that operate effectively behind the scenes, not only to protect the health and welfare of animals, but also to ensure their own health is protected.

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Fit for transport animal welfare app launched

The Ministry for Primary Industries has launched a mobile app that helps farmers, transporters, stock agents and veterinarians determine whether an animal is fit for transport.
Developed with industry and vets, the app is an easy and efficient tool to help people make the right decision for the welfare of animals. It consolidates available information in to one place and doesn't require internet access, which makes it suitable for on-farm use.
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