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Emotional damages a potential head of claim (New Zealand)

Two dogs have been intentionally poisoned at Clendon Park in Manurewa, according to a local vet clinic.
Rachael Radich at Mangere Vet Clinic said the dogs, which are mixed breeds, are not showing signs of bleeding which makes it unlikely they have accidentally eaten rat bait laid by council workers in the park.
"They've definitely been poisoned. They are defecating blue and green faeces," Radich said.  
The dogs are having full on seizures and have been put in an induced coma....more >>

"A culture of deception" and "no longer entitled to the trust of the community" - shutdown of the Greyhound racing industry (New South Wales, Australia)

"A culture of deception" and "no longer entitled to the trust of the community" are quotations from the presentation of NSW Premier Mike Baird when he announced a ban on greyhound racing, after the state government considered an 800-page report tabled by a Special Commission into "widespread cruelty" in the industry.

"The report is ... chilling, confronting, horrific," Mr Baird said. "He (Justice McHugh) has shone a light on an industry that has overseen the slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy dogs whose only crime was not being...more >>

Law Says Animals Have Feelings

Last year a change in New Zealand law acknowledged that animals are sentient. What does this mean for animal rights, welfare and farming practices? We talk to former vet and animal law expert Ian Robertson.

Click here to listen to the podcast /sites/default/files/ngts-20160704-1912-law_says_animals_have_feelings-048.mp3

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Australian cattle ‘sledgehammering’ in Vietnam

Recent revelations about the sledgehammering to death of what seem to be Australian cattle in Vietnam  have raised further questions about the Australian government’s inability to control how exported livestock are slaughtered overseas.
An Animals Australia investigation reported by ABC’s 7.30 showed what are reportedly Australian cattle being slaughtered in three abattoirs. Australia has suspended trade to the facilities while they are investigated. 
So, what do you think will change?
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Rich country corruption - thinking about the impacts on animal welfare.

When did you last find yourself believing that "the government" was the bastion point of reliable fairness and justice?

The recent accusation that the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Australia) sacked an employee due to pressure from a major industry lobby group has been referred to as an example of "the kind of corruption that is most likely to affect wealthy nations with strong institutions like Australia."
It's a novel perspective that reaches beyond the repeated messages trying to implement changes to benefit...more >>

End of chick culling?

A method of using spectroscopy to determine the sex of a chicken egg before it hatches is being developed by researchers at the Dresden University of Technology and the University of Leipzig, in Germany. The technique – which will soon be applied commercially – could provide an alternative to the routine hatchery practice of killing male chicks shortly after birth.

In the rearing of egg-laying chickens, around half of all chicks born in poultry farms are considered commercially unviable because they are male. As well as being unable to lay eggs, the male chicks are...more >>

“Sentience” in New Zealand's Animal Welfare Act 1999 - global leadership or window dressing?

The legislative introduction of “sentience” to the Animal Welfare Act 1999 shifts standards of acceptability away from legal minimums by obligating people to ensure that animals are not just provided with the basics, but actually experience a quality of life. If appropriately applied, the initiative has the potential to be as significant to animals, people and their shared planet, as the evolution from the Animal Protection Act 1911 to the Animal Welfare Act 1999...more >>

How 'emotional suffering' is part of animal abuse cases

They are the hardest animal welfare cases to prosecute. No signs of physical injury, but complaints and observations from neighbours, evidence of harsh treatment and signs of punishment we …

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Think organic food is better for you, animals, and the planet? Think again

What we eat is seen as more important than ever. And everywhere we are urged to go organic: we are told it is more nutritious, it improves animal welfare and helps the environment. In reality, that is mostly marketing hype. In 2012 Stanford University’s Centre for Health Policy did the biggest co...

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Public Animal Abuse Registry

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — With so many cases of animal abuse, animal abuse registries are a hot topic. However, Tennessee is the only state in the country with a public registry. But now, New …

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