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So, what do you think about rodeos?

Rodeo events include calf-roping, steer wrestling and bull riding, all of which rely on inflicting pain and fear in animals to get them to perform. Rodeos contain deliberate cruelty, such as using electric prods and rope burning, but they also rely on inherent cruelty by exposing animals to rougher behaviour than they'd ever experience on a farm or props such as flank straps provoking distress.

A rodeo featuring a bull quietly chewing its cud, as it would on a farm, wouldn't be fun to watch so a variety of means are employed to make the animals run, jump and buck.

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A “cavalier” attempt to recognise animal sentience in law

MPs ordered Michael Gove back to the drawing board yesterday over a “cavalier” attempt to recognise animal sentience in law. They said that his vague and ambiguous animal welfare bill would open every government policy to judicial review. 

A cross-party group of MPs applauded the bill’s provisions to increase the maximum punishment for animal cruelty from six months to five years....more >>

Getting "smart" about greyhound racing in New Zealand

Almost everyone knows about the "smart" acronym which sets out that objectives should be "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound". Now apply that smart acronym to the recent "greyhound report" which the New Zealand government, via its Racing Minister (Winston Peters) has described as "disturbing"....more >>

Looking to 2018

2017 has seen International Animal Law (“IAL”), as part of the registered charity "Animal Law Matters", implementing key education programs promoting legislative development in a manner that results in realistic shifts that benefit not only the daily lives of animals but also the well-being of people and our shared environment.

The highlight of IAL’s 2017 was the “sentience seminar series” which brought together a vast spectrum of animal professionals who kindly gave their...more >>

Have you heard about GAL?

The goal and aim of the Global Animal Law (“GAL”)  Project is to help and create a new framework for the global discussion on animals in law.


The GAL MATRIX has therefore been created. It contains proposals regarding what GAL Directors consider to be “what can and should be” in terms of animal law. GAL focuses on subjects of law adoption, enforcement, improvement and education. GAL considers that the matrix has benefits in being adopted locally and internationally, and take a perspective that extend from the short term to

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Proposed poultry standards leave Australia trailing behind other industrialised countries

Battery cages will not be phased out of Australia’s chicken farms, according to a draft of industry guidelines released this week.
The proposed Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry, currently open for public consultation, will if approved form the basis of federal and state legislation on poultry welfare.
A supporting paper to the standards argues that extra cage space does not guarantee better welfare for hens. Further, it claims that battery cages allow better inspection and more efficient...more >>

I'm a convicted terrorist

People usually laugh when I tell them I am a convicted terrorist.

I try not to open with that – it seems a little bit forward. First, I explain how my friend Tyler and I entered a fur farm in the dead of night. I describe the...more >>

Sick pay for time off to look after her ill dog

An Italian woman has won her battle to be granted sick pay for days she took off to look after her poorly dog, in a first for the pet-loving country.

The woman, a Rome academic, won her case with the help of lawyers from the...more >>

Queensland (Australia) council stands by $10 bounty for adult feral cat scalps

A Queensland local council will not back down on a controversial bounty that offers $10 for the scalps of feral cats, despite animal rights activists calling it cruel and unnecessary.
Banana shire introduced the bounty last month, which offers $10 for the scalp of an adult feral cat, and $5 for a kitten. Feral cats are estimated to kill 750,000 birds a day in Australia, and council staff said the bounty came in response to “an exploding population” of feral cats hunting native wildlife.
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Animal cruelty police force needed in Hong Kong

In the past four years, Hong Kong has done little to make animals better off, according to activists and law experts. No animal police squad has been set up, but more cruelty cases have been exposed, mainly by social media users.Experts said the recent case of a man throwing and kicking a dog in a Tuen Mun supermarket showed that current loose regulations were not serving as sufficient warnings for would-be offenders.

“The main problem is that we still don’t have a duty of care,” said Amanda Whitfort, an associate professor at the University of Hong Kong’s...more >>