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Mama bear knows what's best (Canada)

Mama bear appears to know what's best when it comes to selecting a place to call home, according to a new University of Alberta study.

The research, which may ultimately help protect Alberta's dwindling population of grizzly bears, is among the first of its kind to test the nature-versus-nurture debate on how large, free-ranging wildlife select habitat.
The grizzly study, conducted in the foothills of west-central Alberta, tracked 32 adult and young grizzly bears that had been fitted with GPS radio collars. The animals' movements were monitored from 31...more >>

Further evidence crabs and other crustaceans feel pain

A study has revealed that the shore crab, a close relative of the species we use for food, responds to electric shocks and then goes on to avoid them.Previous research has shown that prawns and hermit crabs also react to painful situations.

Scientists say the findings suggest the food and aquaculture industry should rethink how it treats these animals.

The work is published in the Journal of Experimental Biology 

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Reconciling Safety and Fairness in Global Agri-Food Standardization

Private food safety standards have recently emerged as a dynamic power in the global value chan. Good agricultural practices (GAP) is one such standard currently gaining popularity as a prominent field-level food quality assurance system. Achieving private GAP certification, most notably of GlobalGAP, is a dif- ficult option for low income producers in the Global South due to the high costs required for necessary investments and certification. This paper critically analyzes the ethical implications of private food safety standards in light of three theoretical perspectives from...more >>

Do cultural differences exist among dogs?

Although it is known how cultural identity affects behaviours among the human population, it is still unknown whether this notion can be applied to man’s best friend.

The answer may be just round the corner following research being carried out by three universities in the UK, Austria and Hungary.

The study aims to find out if cultural differences exist among dogs by looking at how dogs from different countries react to various problems.

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£300m off Tesco market value in horsemeat scandal

Nearly £300m worth of market value has been knocked off the value of Tesco following reports that a number of its burgers were found to contain horsemeat

Tesco, along with rivals Lidl and Aldi were found to be selling burgers that contained horse DNA. Both Asda and Tesco have now cleared products off their shelves as the Food Standards Agency launched an investigation. In one Tesco product, 29 per cent of the 'beef' content was actually horsemeat. Suppliers in continental Europe are suspected of being the source of the horsemeat, a processing firm has claimed.

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National Link Coalition’s LINK-Letter

The Link

The January issue of the National Link Coalition’s LINK-Letter has been published, providing up-to-date information on public policy, programs and research at the intersections of animal abuse, domestic violence, child maltreatment and elder abuse.

You can review the newsletter at

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Veterinarians Aid Domestic Violence Survivors (Mississippi, USA)

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State University has entered into a partnership with the Care Lodge Domestic Violence Shelter in Meridian, Miss., to provide foster care for the animal survivors of domestic violence situations.

Dr. Sharon Fooshee Grace, a clinical professor in the vet school and a long-time advocate of The Link, told the Jackson Clarion-Ledger that in private practice she saw first-hand the impact of animal abuse and the difficult Sharon Fooshee Grace, DVM dilemmas many women face when trying to escape violence. “They may not have a place to go with...more >>

Is There an Acceptable Level of Loss in Animal Air Transport? (United States)

Industry sources estimate that about 800,000 pets are transported annually, while the average number of reported incidents per year since 2006 has been 46. The reporting requirement does not apply to pets and service animals that accompany passengers in the cabin since airlines do not take custody of such animals. 

Animals can die from a wide variety of causes in air transport. Because an airline reports an incident, this does not necessarily mean that it is responsible for what happened. It may, indeed, be partially or entirely the owner’s fault, or the fault of a...more >>

If you see animal cruelty, get out your phone ...

The primary witness at the trial of Charles Black had a view of the rear balcony of Black’s apartment in Oakland, California. Several times he saw Black take the dog onto the balcony, yell at it, and hit it with a mop handle. The witness said the dog yelped and cowered. Finally he decided to record an incident.

Black was subsequently convicted and has begun serving his sentence at the California Correctional Facility.
Vince Faltis, the primary witness who took the videos of Black and the dog named Blueberry, was given a $2,500 reward by the Humane Society of the...more >>

Dog Fighting “Legend” Deserves Maximum Sentence, Federal Appeals Court Holds (USA)

How do dog fighters see themselves? According to the attached opinion article, they call themselves "dog men" and proudly see themselves as defenders of a tradition that has existed for centuries.

The opinion piece refers to a decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (USA) in reference to the sentencing of an individual (Hargrove). Hargrove sold and American Pit Bull Terrier to an undercover informant, and was subsequently successfully prosecuted.
The authors conclusion is that "Dog fighting criminals are on notice that at least...more >>