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Animal Abuse: Helping Animals and People

Animal abuse is an increasingly recognized issue throughout the world and makes headlines every year. The plight of animals is well documented, but the hidden cost to those who help is not fully understood.    This practical handbook covers definitions, types and explanations of forms of animal abuse, and then examines the impacts of animal abuse on professionals and provides coping strategies. The book concludes with a guide to dealing with animal abuse, including providing first aid for common emergencies and dealing with the human abusers.   Read more at more >>

Meat consumption and climate change: the role of non-governmental organizations

The contribution of livestock production to climate change is now widely acknowledged. Despite this, efforts to reduce meat consumption in light of climate change have been relatively limited. 
One potential avenue for encouraging consumption changes is via non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This study used a qualitative approach to understand how and to what extent environmental, food-focused, and animal protection NGOs in the U.S., Canada, and Sweden have worked to reduce or alter domestic meat consumption in light of climate change. While almost...more >>

It's "private"?

The link between domestic violence and animal abuse has been well established. The question is, why isn't more done about it? And why aren't more people prepared to get involved?
Thanks to years of campaigning domestic violence legislation...more >>

Rabies returns to Spain

A dog that recently attacked people in the Castile-La Mancha region of Spain was rabid, marking the first case of the illness in Spain since 1975. The local government has mandated that all 60,000 dogs, all cats and ferrets within a certain area must be vaccinated for rabies.   Read more at   more >>

Whale watching: More than meets the eyes

This study explores a possible causal relationship between whale watch experience, a whale watcher’s awareness of problems and their consequences in order to foster support for marine conservation. 
If effective, whale watching can stimulate individuals to feel concern for marine mammals, responsibility for the marine environment and commitment to activities that support marine conservation.
However, survey data have shown that participants on whale watch tours in New England showed decreased concern after the...more >>

Sustainability: who is driving it?

The aim (of the study associated with this published paper) was to explore which stakeholders, interface and roles were more prominent regarding sustainability. A literature review identified the underlying theory surrounding sustainability followed by a behavioural study focused on organisations and consumers.
Businesses, rather than consumers, are the principal stakeholders that act as spearheads of sustainability. The motivation is to improve their competitive position in a mature market where growth is marginal through increased differentiation....more >>

Putting the seafood in sustainable food systems (USA)

Increasing attention by consumers to the social and environmental dimensions of the food they eat has generated many different responses, including certification programs, watch lists and local/slow food movements. This article examines the more recent entry of seafood into these consumer social movements. 

Although a concern with the...more >>

National Link Coalition’s June LINK-Letter

The June issue of the  National Link Coalition’s LINK-Letter is now posted on their website. Their National Resource Center addresses a range of subjects related to the Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence which includes, for example, information on animal abuse, child maltreatment, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

...more >>

Assessing humane by noise (England)

It has been revealed that the noises made by shot badgers and comparisons with harpooned whales will be among the measures used to assess the humaneness of badger culls in England.

It is also alleged that none of the shooters will have experience of killing free-running badgers and that the requirement to target the heart and...more >>

Owner of 11 kilogram cat faces neglect charges

In most cases of animal welfare prosecutions involving issues regarding the feeding of animals, charges are commonly laid for failing to provide animals with proper and sufficient food (underfeeding). About seven years ago there was considerable reaction when the RSPCA in England successfully prosecuted owners of a chocolate Labrador for "over" feeding their dog. Since that time they have been further prosecutions of owners failing to take adequate responsibility...more >>