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You do know the latest about the whales, right?

Issues of whales, conservation, and the tensions between country and international law are just some of the issues highlighted in the news about Japan withdrawing from the International Whaling...more >>

Do animals experience grief?

A Thai man has made it his life's mission to help people through their grief with animals. ( There's no doubt that when pets are lost or...more >>

The Chinese variant of bull fighting

So, you've heard about the bullfighting in Spain, right? And the debates questioning how the law can condone harming an animal for peoples entertainment? Animal welfare groups have celebrated...more >>

Live exports: What underpins the controversy?

So when you hear the term “live exports”, what do you think of? And are you a supporter, or a non-supporter, or …? New Zealand is a country that has made a lot of its alleged ban...more >>

Have you seen alligators at your airport?

When someone comments on "the human-animal relationship", many of us nod sagely in agreement that there's obviously an inseparable connection between people and animals - but would you...more >>

How Close Are We to Talking With Animals?

One of the things that we've recognised for a long time, is that as people, we like those who "are like us". That's not restricted just to whether or not we like other people, but...more >>

Smile for the camera: Computers successfully trained to identify animals in photos

A computer model developed at the University of Wyoming by UW researchers and others has demonstrated remarkable accuracy and efficiency in identifying images of wild animals from camera-trap...more >>

The two primary causes of species extinction are ....?

Can you succinctly state them?   1. Over-predation. Basically, the animals are hunted and killed faster than what they can reproduce. 2. Habitat destruction.   Have you noticed how so many...more >>

Inspiration for people direct from the cat's tongue...

People are frequently interested in things that will make their lives better, so it's unsurprising that one of the constant arguments for looking after animals, studying them, and the permissions...more >>
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