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New farmer advisory panel for New Zealand Animal Evaluation

New Zealand Animal Evaluation (NZAEL), a subsidiary of DairyNZ, has established a new farmer advisory panel to provide practical, farmer based feedback on animal evaluation research, development, and...more >>

Researchers Have Reorganised an Animal's Brain to Act Like Another Species' Brain

Species that share similar kinds of brain anatomy have been caught using different neural circuits to perform identical behaviours, and it challenges a basic assumption on the relationship between...more >>

Is the curtain falling on America's circus animals?

  The curtain is about to fall for the last time on the self-dubbed “Greatest Show on Earth,” America’s biggest and longest-running traveling circus. On Sunday, after 146...more >>

Here are the Best Liars in the Animal Kingdom

The protections afforded to animals through the law are driven by a number of factors. Among the reasons that one species will benefit from greater protections than another, is the degree in which...more >>

Trump dumps Paris climate deal: reaction

  In a speech from the White House Rose Garden, Trump recently made a largely economic case for withdrawing from the agreement, arguing the nonbinding accord was unfair to American workers and U...more >>

Regulatory controls and responsible use of animal medicines

Healthy animals are the first step in producing quality food, however, when it comes to meat, eggs and dairy produce, a recent study has shown that consumers are often unaware of the strict...more >>

Fit for transport animal welfare app launched

The Ministry for Primary Industries has launched a mobile app that helps farmers, transporters, stock agents and veterinarians determine whether an animal is fit for transport.   Developed with...more >>

New rules regarding how you can use law's "sentient" animals [ONLINE SEMINAR]

Here’s how law’s sentient animal will change everything - again   Date:               September - December 2017 Location      ...more >>

Principles of "justice" in animal law. Seminar, 17 November 2017 (Melbourne, Australia)

How to apply the principles of justice to animal law   Date:               17 November 2017 Time:               9.30am...more >>
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