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Herding sheep with a drone and positive reinforcement

Imagine the sheep running to the farmer rather than the traditional picture of farm dogs barking and herding the sheep.   Utilising technology in agriculture is nothing new. And most people are...more >>

So you thought that VR was for just for teenagers?

It's been reported that there are a few cows in Moscow who were among the first to try new virtual reality ("VR") headsets that have been specially designed to reduce anxiety and...more >>

Can you name 3 of the fundamental principles that govern the human-animal relationship?

The following is an independent review of the book “Animals, Welfare and the Law” by University of Lincoln Senior Lecturer, Diane Ryland: This text, based on twenty nine fundamental...more >>

Rewriting the rule-book from the roots up

International Animal Law ("IAL") is now a registered charity with a focus on seeing legislation recognise AND properly define animal "sentience". Have you heard the old saying...more >>

Shooting the slow race horses (Victoria, Australia)

The media title announces “Racing Victoria to send vets to euthanase horses…”   It's not against the law to destroy an animal provided that it is humanely done. But what...more >>

"Tragedy of the Commons" - have you heard of it?

The Murray Darling Basin in Australia is reportedly relied upon by 2.6 million people and contributes 24 billion dollars to the economy. The Murray Darling Basin is also a depleting water resource...more >>

UK animal law - Can you spot the differences?

There are a lot of good articles and published papers on animal law and relevant issues.   This article is one of those "stand out" ones because it serves as a very useful summary of...more >>

What difference does it make to the daily lives of Indian animals?

  An Indian court recently ruled that animals should enjoy the same rights as human beings, saying “they have distinct personas with corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a...more >>

ACT (Australia): The current leader of sentient-animal law

A recent media release stated: "Under the proposed laws the ACT would become the first jurisdiction in the country to recognise animals as "sentient...". The ACT has reportedly...more >>
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