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Do YOU think invertebrates are sentient?

According to Donald Broom ( Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare at Cambridge University) "sentience is not confined to animals with large or human-like brains. Moral standing should be accorded...more >>

Do you know what "the green deal" is?

Do you know what "the green deal" is? The green deal, is a strategy programme by the European Commission, which intends to “green” the EU activities and re-orient policies and...more >>

Covid19, Brexit and much more in 2020: A Bad Year for Animal Welfare?

While the jury is still out as to the exact origins of Covid 19, the even the potential of animal involvement as a cause, or vector, must raise questions regarding the human-animal relationship, and...more >>

How much could you lose? How much could you gain? Pigs in NZ's High Court

It's not unusual for a private organisation or a charity to conduct a court case challenging governance performance, standards or positions. PETA, Greenpeace and the Animal Legal Defence Fund (...more >>

Here's a quick journey in to animal law

Mr. Mike Radford gives a talk on Animal Welfare Law at the 2017 Veterinary Ethics and Welfare Conference at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.    Mike is a recognised...more >>

What do animals "think" and "feel"?

Do animals "think" and "feel"? Yes? No?   Have a look at the TED talk in the link shown below ( and see if it affects your answer. When you'...more >>

Where's your country on WAP's Animal Protection Index?

World Animal Protection ("WAP") has ranked 50 countries around the globe according to their legislation and policy regarding animal protections   Each country has an overall score...more >>

Farming methods, risks and "problematic pathogens in the future"

Overuse of antibiotics, high animal numbers and low genetic diversity caused by intensive farming techniques increase the likelihood of pathogens becoming a major public health risk, according to new...more >>

What happens to all those animals?

Covid-related slaughterhouse shutdowns in the US are leading to fears of meat shortages and price rises, while farmers are being forced to consider “depopulating” their animals.  ...more >>
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