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EU to review animal welfare strategy

The European Commission is going to evaluate its animal welfare strategy, it has said in response to a report by the European Court of Auditors.   The review of the strategy comes almost three...more >>

Do you see a conflict of interests for New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries? (Opinion piece)

"New Zealand has a long history of animal cruelty and neglect". That's the title of the article produced by a New Zealand lawyer with a long-standing interest in New Zealand's...more >>

The 'hypocrisy gap' between ethical sentiment and behaviour in food consumption.

A recent investigation has looked at the 'hypocrisy gap' between ethical sentiment and behaviour in food consumption.    Australians appear to care about animal welfare:...more >>

Link this: "domestic violence" and "animal abuse"

The human-animal relationship ("HAI"), or"bond" has been defined as "a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals ...more >>

Do people have a responsibility regarding fish?

  The debate about fishes’ ability to perceive pain has arisen at various times in past decades, generally prompted by public concerns about angling practices, industrialised fishing, and...more >>

African Swine Fever: Here's why it is a big deal

“The pig mortality will be the least of our worries”, according to US expert Dennis DiPietre. “The business disruption and profit losses from export cessation would range from big...more >>

How well are you critiquing the media reports?

There is a tendency to automatically accept media reports regarding court reported matters involving animals. But how well are you critiquing the report itself?    Take a look at this...more >>

If any mammal appears to be free of emotions, apart perhaps from cynicism, it would be the goat.

  Well, that's one of the lines in this opinion piece about what science says about animal sentience. The article also states: Today most of us would probably also say that animals are...more >>

What's behind New Zealand's most popular meat?

Here’s a couple of considerations to keep in mind as you read the article dealing with farming and “New Zealand’s most popular meat”. The key words to those considerations are...more >>
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