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The Sentencing of Dangerous Dogs and Dangerous Owners

"There are no bad dogs, there are just bad owners" is a phrase commonly used within dog behavioural training circles. Discussions in which the phrase occurs often demonstrate varying...more >>

Should we keep a record of people that abuse animals?

Animal abusers registers. Should governors keep a record of people that abuse animals?   "Should" is always such a subjective term. So perhaps the question might be "what are the...more >>

New ISO specification for better management of animal welfare worldwide

  The new ISO technical specification ISO/TS 34700:2016, Animal welfare management – General requirements and guidance for organizations in the food supply chain, is promoted on the basis...more >>

Study suggests surprising reason killer whales go through menopause

  There are many reasons that promote the development of animal protection law. Bio-prejudice is a term that has been used to describe a preference, or aversion, to a species based on its...more >>

Food Production and Animal Welfare Legislation in Australia

What is the impact of food production systems on animals and the environment? In the field of animal welfare and law, the terms corporate responsibility and sustainability are frequently used but the...more >>

Water and Marine Animal Law

When people think of animal welfare they frequently focus on land-based animals, and overlook those that exist in the world's oceans, lakes and rivers.   While there are several serious...more >>

Rethinking The Ethics of Animal Rescue

This article is reproduced in its entirety (from because quoting a part of it didn't appear to properly convey...more >>

Baboons use vowel sounds strikingly similar to humans

The differences between people represented one of the early barriers to the development of animal welfare protection law. For example, it was originally believed that animals didn't have a...more >>

Combining veterinary care and social work in animal euthanasia

  Think of the anguish felt when you or a loved one had to take that final trip to the vet with a beloved pet, saying goodbye to the cat, dog or other animal before it is put down in the most...more >>
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