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Voiceless calls for welfare assurance scheme for Australian dairy production

Animal welfare group Voiceless says the dairy industry has been 'flying under the radar' of public scrutiny, and that needs to change.   The group is preparing to release a report,...more >>

Dog abandoned at station with belongings in suitcase

Tens of thousands of dogs are abandoned, rehomed, or euthanased every week – but sometimes there is something about a particular incident that attracts extra attention. This is the case where...more >>

Proposed law may stop construction of illegal ‘zoos’

A legal lacuna which has seen large animals - such as tigers - imported by people who lack the facilities in which to keep them and who end up building illegal structures instead.   A spokesman...more >>

What’s in a label? Understanding animal welfare claims

Food labels that emphasize how animals are treated and cared for on the farm or ranch are on a range of products but that does not mean that the labels are easy for consumers to understand.  ...more >>

Californians vote to give layer hens more room while Australian industry considers animal welfare standards

Australian egg farmers say they are closely monitoring a consumer-driven overhaul of the Californian egg production system, as it launches a review of its own industry standards.   As of 1...more >>

Free online resource: Animal Law: Principles and Frontiers

There is a free e-book resource dealing with the issues of animal law, written by Victorian (Australia) Barrister Graeme McEwen.   The book Preface states:   This book though is not...more >>

Man gets jail for 'depraved' attacks on cats (New Zealand)

A cat owner was unable to sleep for three nights after her pet was burned alive, in acts a judge has called "extremely depraved".   Hayden Growcott, 22, was sentenced in Greymouth...more >>

GM Insects and Disease Control - POST Note

Insects play a critical role in ecosystems, but can also cause economic and social harm by transmitting diseases to humans and livestock, and damaging crops. Genetically modified (GM) insects could...more >>

Commission sent back to drawing board on novel foods law

Novel foods are defined as those using nanomaterials, the cloning of animals for food production as well as traditional foods from third countries.The European Parliament's environment committee...more >>
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