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Animals, welfare and the law (Book release)

Animals, Welfare and the Law reveals how the fundamental principles of the human-animal relationship drive the past, present and the likely future development of animal welfare law. The...more >>

Biosecurity law sets hurdles for animal activists documenting cruelty

Animal activists are prepared to take a proposed biosecurity law to the High Court if necessary to test whether it prevents the secret recording of animal cruelty, says Animal Justice MP Mark Pearson...more >>

Ag gag overturn

Idaho’s “ag-gag” law which was signed into law in early 2014 was struck down by a district court which said it violates the first and fourteenth amendments. The decision marks the...more >>

Inside the Exotic Animal Trade

Much controversy has arisen over Cecil the lion, who was killed, skinned and beheaded by a dentist from Minnesota looking for a trophy. The slaying of a protected and revered...more >>

Did you know that dogs can smell cancer?

Medical Detection Dogs, a charity which works with NHS trusts and universities, has had approval from Milton Keynes University Hospital for more trials. Its first study showed specially trained dogs...more >>

Animal welfare ruling: impact on US meat industry

US animal rights organisations have claimed a victory as so-called ‘ag-gag’ laws have been ruled unconstitutional by Judge who drafter a 29 page ruling which included statements that the...more >>

What's the impact when Fonterra slashes farmgate milk price to $3.85

Fonterra - New Zealand's biggest exporter - has lowered its farmgate milk price for 2015/6 to $3.85 a kg of milksolids, down from a previous forecast of $5.25 a kg.  The co-op raised its...more >>

Sentience ... in plants?

Plants are intelligent. Plants deserve rights. Plants are like the Internet – or more accurately the Internet is like plants. To most of us these statements may sound, at best, insupportable or...more >>

Judge Strikes Down 'Ag-Gag' Law

Idaho's so-called "ag-gag" law, which outlawed undercover investigations of farming operations, is no more. A  Judge in the federal District Court for Idaho decided Monday...more >>
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