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Therapy Dog or Service Dog?

People often confuse “therapy dogs” with “service dogs,” but these are two distinct terms and carry with them different levels of protection under the law. Therapy Dogs A...more >>

Have you heard there was a dog in the courtroom?

Research into the benefits of human–animal bonding dates to the 1700s in York, England, where the Society of Friends established a facility called The Retreat to provide humane treatment for...more >>

Animal welfare "ought to" trump consumer freedom. "Could" it?

Thinking critically is more than simply criticising. And it's going to take more than criticism to evolve legal standards of animal welfare. Take a look at this essay: Why animal welfare ought to...more >>

How to ensure puppies go to a good home? (Scotland)

Potential owners could be grilled about their lifestyle under plans to rein in Scotland’s burgeoning dog trade. People seeking to buy puppies in Scotland could in future face an extensive...more >>

Film Review: Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story

With their sweet faces and absurdy proportioned bodies that can nevertheless bound with matchless grace, what is not to love about the kangaroo? And yet, this creature is deeply reviled—and...more >>

How can we stop puppies and kittens being bred for their looks?

TradeMe announced that it would ban the sale of pugs, French bulldogs, and British bulldogs from its website. Veterinarian and New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) companion animal spokesperson...more >>

Boiling lobsters and crabs ‘should be banned’ says Crustacean Compassion

More than 50 high-profile campaigners have signed a letter to Michael Gove, the environment secretary, calling on him to recognise the crustaceans as animals. Under current Animal Welfare laws in...more >>

Breeding and selling companion animals 'largely unregulated' in NZ

The breeding, buying and selling of puppies and kittens is largely unregulated in New Zealand, animal welfare groups say. New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) chief veterinary officer Dr Helen...more >>

So, what do you think about rodeos?

Rodeo events include calf-roping, steer wrestling and bull riding, all of which rely on inflicting pain and fear in animals to get them to perform. Rodeos contain deliberate cruelty, such as using...more >>
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